Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus)

Eucalyptus globulus

Native to Australia and to a lesser extent New Guinea and Indonesia, eucalyptus is deeply woven into the culture and history of The Land Down Under. It’s the dominant species of tree on the Australian continent and is mentioned extensively in Australian literature, music, art, and more. Eucalyptus leaves are a staple in the diet of the koala bear. Eucalyptus trees are commonly referred to as gum trees due to their high content of volatile eucalyptus oil. Their oil content is so pervasive that large stands of eucalyptus trees will often have a blue haze surrounding their crowns during warmer months due to oil droplets dissipating into the air. In fact, the Blue Mountains of Australia are named after this phenomenon. As an essential oil eucalyptus has a strong camphoraceous aroma that’s revitalizing, invigorating and clarifying. NOW Solutions also offers Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, another species of eucalyptus with a sweeter and slightly fruity aroma.
Eucalyptus Essence: Protection. Purification of environments where there have been arguments and physical fights. It promotes health. Accelerates healing processes. To achieve success and prosperity.
oil-savior, helps to recover quickly after stress, illness, curse. Increases the amount of energy responsible for longevity