Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Helps Promote
Confidence, memory, concentration, clarity.

Helps Relieve
Fatigue, nervous tension.

Rosmarinus officinalis
Ingredients: Pure rosemary oil
Aroma: Warm, camphoraceous
Benefits: Purifying, uplifting
Mixes Well With: Bergamot oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, or thyme oil
Extraction Method: Steam distilled from tops of plant
NOTE: Dropper insert is not included with the 4 oz. size bottle
Physical Characteristics:
Specific Gravity: 0.894-0.912
Refractive Index: 1.464-1.476

Derived from Latin for dew (ros) and sea (marinus) – dew of the sea – Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen herb from the mint family with a long history of use as a culinary herb and a traditional herbal remedy. It was thought to enhance memory and to protect against evil dreams and nightmares. Rosemary was used in weddings as a headpiece for the bride, symbolizing love, fidelity and remembrance. As a cooking herb rosemary is often found in Italian cuisine and has unique flavor and aroma that complements a great variety of foods. As an essential oil for aromatherapy rosemary oil has a warm, camphoraceous aroma that’s uplifting and purifying.
Essence of rosemary: Cleaning of people and houses. Power the magic properties. Strengthens the self-confidence. Against hatred and fear. To achieve a loving relationship. Clear the mind. Increases memory.
renews, revitalizes the energy layer, strengthens the aura's immunity, warms, encourages action and an active lifestyle, returns the extinct interest in life, enhances psychology and intuition, develops a heart chakra