Thyme, White (Thymus vulgaris/zygis)

Thymus vulgaris/zygis
Ingredients: Pure white thyme oil
Aroma: Pleasant, pungent
Benefits: Uplifting, empowering, clarifying
Mixes Well With: Basil oil, lavender oil, lemon oil, marjoram oil
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled from plant's flowering tops
Physical Characteristics:

This popular evergreen herb is a member of the mint family and is widely used today as an ornamental plant and a culinary herb, and it has a history of use as a traditional herbal remedy in numerous ancient cultures. Ancient Egyptians prized thyme as an embalming agent, and it was widely used by Egyptians, Greeks and Romans as an air freshener and an ingredient in incense. Thyme was believed to be a source of courage, which carried over into the Middle Ages, when maidens would bequeath knights with thyme leaves to bring them courage during battles and in competition. As an essential oil for aromatherapy white thyme oil has a pleasant, pungent aroma that’s uplifting, empowering and clarifying.
Thyme Thujanol

Thyme was applied by the earliest civilizations as a form of medicine. In Ancient Greece, they chose thyme over incense to burn on altars for the gods. Middle Age sorcerers were known for making love potions using thyme. Lastly, the Egyptians would embalm their dead people with ointments featuring thyme.

Thyme Thujanol: An Unknown Gem in the World of Aromatherapy

Organic thyme comes from France and Spain. This thyme variant (Thyme Thujanol) is well tolerated on the skin. Non-irritating and far milder than red thyme essential oil.

Thyme Thujanol has an impressively long history of therapeutic and medicinal benefits. It is a potent essential oil with antiviral and anti-fungal characteristics. Lastly, it is well known for its disinfectant properties.

*Remember: Thyme Thujanol cannot be replaced by Red Thyme, as Red Thyme is much too irritating!

Did you know Thyme is used in sauces, grilled meat dishes, and can be the key ingredient for some liqueurs? Christmas dinner would be greatly diminished without thyme to delicately embellish that stuffing.

Thyme Thujanol can be used effectively to reduce infection, fatigue, and chills. Thyme has an umbrella of remedies:

respiratory system
digestive system
circulatory system
and muscle and joint pain
Thyme essence: Give strength and value. To maintain health. Help in depression. Induce pleasant dreams. Avoid nightmares.
strengthens the willful beginning and resoluteness, helps to overcome shyness. Strengthens the energy glow and brightness of the aura, helps to neutralize the destructive mechanisms located inside, under the outer shell of the aura. Promotes renewal of energy, enhances the immunity of the aura