Black Spruce

Always synonymous with Christmas traditions, Black spruce is the clean, fresh scent of the Christmas tree. Black spruce is known to have an opening effect on the mind, body and spirit. This uplifting oil is distilled from the needles and twigs of the black spruce tree which can help you feel grounded and renewed.
Black Spruce’s greatest benefit may be its help in dissolving blocked energy in the chest area. Many times the blocked energy can be associated with depression and chronic fatigue.

Did you know Black Spruce provides respiratory support, relieves congestion and even clears mucus?

Bring Peace to Your Mind and Body

It helps with poor circulation, can calm inflammation, soothe sore muscles and relieve muscle spasms. Its woodsy, fragrant aroma can help open and release emotional blocks, bringing about an experience of balance, strength & peaceful serenity.

Ward Off Ghosts of Christmas Past!
You can use Black Spruce oil with Sweet Eucalyptus oil in your diffuser. It can assist in warding off colds and flu. This is a simple way to give your immune system a bit of extra support while evoking precious memories and joys of Christmas’ past.